2010. szeptember 16., csütörtök

Egy slukk VII.

One puff VII.

2 megjegyzés:

B.B.Inc. írta...

Hello,Millarca, try 2 send U a mail with pics of my Pythons,tryed the e-mail address on your left side-bar and it says it don't exist, it bounced back! Please send me a mail, greetings from Holland,B.B.Inc. Bert.

B.B.Inc. írta...

Hello,Millarca, I think I solved my E-mail problem, I have this new Antivirus in my P.C. and it was blocking everything; put something out on it and I think it's working. If U already did; please send me your E-mail address again. Greetings B.B.Inc,Bert.

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